Views of Justice NV Ramana on Alternative Dispute Resolution

Addressing the 1st Justice J.S. Verma Memorial ADR & Client Counselling Competition, Justice N.V. Raman highlighted that along with increased awareness campaigns to educate the public, the role of Courts assumes great importance in realizing the full potential of ADR

1.He highlighted the issue of pendency of cases and observed that we cannot remain ignorant of the large number of pending cases. 

2.He also suggested certain methods of dealing with judicial delays such as, ‘reforming the judicial process and strengthening the judicial infrastructure’ and ‘settling existing disputes through amicable dispute resolution methods’. 

3. The different ADR processes can provide millions of people a platform to settle their issues and an effective execution of these processes can surely reduce the pendency. 

4. The ADR mechanisms maximize stakeholder participation and allow litigants a degree of control over the resolution process.  

5.Since ADR is designed around a participatory model, its adoption is going to break existing barrier; from being am ‘outsider to the process’ the citizens with their direct involvement will be the ‘insiders in the process.

For praising the efforts of the Legal Service Authorities, hw observed-

“swiftly adapting to challenges faced during the pandemic, the Legal Services Authorities innovatively leveraged technology and introduced E-Lok Adalats and Online mediations. Over 78,41,641 cases were disposed of by National Lok Adalats in 2019 and 2020, out of which 39,41,418 cases were disposed of at the pre-litigation stage itself.”

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