The Centre has informed the Supreme Court that it is not desirable to have a priority class of advocates for COVID vaccine

The Centre opposes to form a separate class including judges, lawyers, and court staff and giving priority to them while giving COVID vaccine.

The Centre held that it is not a desirable action to be taken. It discriminates against other professions or trade or business. There may be other people working under same circumstances, so there should be no discrimination.

This was informed by the Centre through an affidavit.The Ministry of Health and family representing the Centre has sent the affidavit to the Court.

The affidavit stated that the sub classification to COVID vaccine priority based on the profession is not in the larger interest of society. This affidavit was filed by the Centre in response to a PIL filed by Arvind Singh.The PIL seeks to include the lawyers, judges and other court staff in a category of COVID vaccine priority list. This classification will be a non-arbitrary criteria and is neither possible nor advisable.

The Pil stated that the advocates and officers in judiciary are also to be considered as frontline workers and should receive priority while giving the vaccine.

The Supreme Court has adjourned this case to 18th March.

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