State Election Commissioners Have To Be Independent: SC

Supreme Court has made it clear that the post of State Election Commissioners is deemed to be independent. The concerned person should not hold any other office in the state or centre govt. The ruling came after there was an incident reported where Goa govt assigned the additional post of SEC to its Law secretary. 

SC reiterated that according to the provisions of Article 243K, SEC is a very high Constitutional post and is supposed to be handled by a person independently. The Apex court also issued instructions for all the states of the country that if there is any kind of sharing happening in this high-profile post currently, then he or she must step down as soon as possible otherwise strict actions will be taken.

Awarding an extra charge of such an important and independent constitutional office to an officer who is directly under the control of the State Government is, in our view, a mockery of the constitutional mandate,” the verdict said. It declared that the additional charge given to a law secretary flouted the constitutional mandate and asked the Goa government to “remedy this position by appointappointing an independent person to be the State Election Commissioner at the earliest”.

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