Bolivia’s Former Acting President has been Charged with Terrorism and Sedition

Jeanine Anez, Bolivia’s former acting president, was detained on terrorism and sedition charges. Anez had been apprehended and was in police custody, according to government minister Carlos Eduardo del Castillo.

After Evo Morales left the country in 2019 amid widespread demonstrations against his re-election, Anez took over as interim president. During her presidency, Anez reportedly used the judiciary to threaten Morales and his government. Morales returned to Bolivia in 2020 after the Movement for Socialism, which he founded, won the election in October. Morales condemned Anez’s behaviour after the election, accusing him of orchestrating a coup to depose him.

Anez tweeted an arrest warrant saying it was released by the public prosecutor’s office. She was then apprehended early the next morning. Rodrigo Guzman and Alvaro Coimbra, Anez’s former energy and justice ministers, were charged with terrorism, sedition, and treason in connection with the suspected coup.

 Anez appeared in court for the first time on Sunday. Anez, Guzman, and Coimbra, according to the indictment, used security force allies to force Morales’ resignation in 2019. The prosecutor also alleged that events were rigged in order for Anez to be sworn in as interim president.

Several other ministers from Anez’s presidency, as well as police, military, and opposition leaders, are still being investigated by police.

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