The Chamber of Deputies of Mexico has voted to Legalise Marijuana

The Chamber of Deputies of Mexico voted to decriminalise marijuana on Thursday. With 23 members abstaining, the bill was approved by a vote of 315 to 128, with 23 members voting no.

Under no limits, any adult would be able to smoke marijuana under the statute. These limits include a possession limit of 28 grammes, making it illegal to have more than that amount of marijuana. The Chamber of Deputies is also discussing the legal ramifications of possessing more than 28 grammes, with the latest plan proposing a $500 fine for those found with between 29 and 200 grammes.

The step will be supervised by the Health Department’s National Commission Against Addiction, which has no previous regulatory experience, according to the Chamber of Deputies’ proposal. It will decide who is permitted to cultivate marijuana, as well as whether the plant has tamper-proof seals and signs stating that it can only be sold in Mexico. It will also be in charge of running a campaign to educate people under the age of 25 about the dangers of using it.

Since the Chamber of Deputies changed the legislation, it now goes to the Senate for ratification, where it must be approved once more before becoming law. If the bill passes, Mexico will join Canada and Uruguay as the world’s third-largest economies to legalise marijuana.

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