Supreme Court seeks response from the Centre on Uniform Succession and Inheritance laws

The Supreme Court asked the government to respond to a plea for uniform laws on succession and inheritance, applicable across religious faiths.

Four PILs have been filed within three months by Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay, who submitted that there is a necessity to secure justice, equality and dignity of women.

The petitions have requested for uniform gender and and religion neutral laws for succession and inheritance.

It was stated that the Centre has failed to provide a gender-neutral and religion-neutral grounds for succession and inheritance, even after 73 years of Independence and 70 years of becoming Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic.

The petition also stated that though there exists personal laws which regulate succession and inheritance, these laws are complex.

It was further stated that existing personal laws relating to succession and inheritance are not only against the constitutional principles of gender justice, gender equality and dignity of women but violates Articles 14, 15, 21 of the Constitution and International Conventions.

A Bench comprising of Chief Justice S.A Bobde Justice A S Bopanna and Justice V Ramasubramanian, issued notices to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Law and Justice and Ministry of Women and Child Development.

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