Delhi High Court issues guidelines for Covid-19 protocol to be followed in-flight.

Case title: Court on its own motion v. Directorate general of civil aviation & others.

The Delhi High Court has taken a suo moto action in issuing the guidelines. They took cognizance of the reluctant behavior of passengers in wearing the masks properly. The action against this alarming situation was taken by Justice C Hari Shankar of the Delhi High Court.

The guidelines were issued to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and other commercial airlines. The guidelines were with respect to Covid-19 protocols to be followed in-flight.The court observed that the passengers though had worn a mask, they didn’t use it for the purpose needed. Many of them had worn it below their chin.

This shows their reluctant behavior towards wearing the masks properly according to the protocol. This behavior was exhibited in airbus and within the flight also.

The court also highlighted that the environment is air-conditioned, so it may have a cataclysmic effect. Therefore, the court gave directions to DGCA and the airlines authorities.

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