Supreme Court Bar Association files a plea against the SOPs released by the Registry

The Supreme Court Bar Association has filed a writ petition, seeking to quash the Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) laid down by the Supreme Court registry for Hybrid Physical Hearing.

According to the SOPs, final hearings and regular matters, listed on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday will be conducted with limited capacity in a hybrid manner.

Cases on Mondays and Fridays will continue to be heard through online video conferencing room.

The plea was filed by Advocate Rahul Kaushik, stated that these SOPs have been released without taking any consultation from the Bar.

The plea stated that the Bar is also an integral part of the Judicial System and the suggestion of the Bar should also be taken into consideration.

The plea also stated that the CJI had promised to take suggestions of the Bar, yet this decision was taken unilaterally without taking into account the consideration of the Bar.

The plea has also contended that though the Bar and its practising lawyers are directly affected by the decisions of the Supreme Court registry, it has not included suggestions from the Bar.

The Bar Association has insisted physical hybrid hearing on all days. It stated that various High Courts have started physical hearing and it’s high time the Supreme Court started it as well. 

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