Supreme Court to hear the case of termination of pregnancy of 14 year old girl on Monday

On Monday, the plea of a 14 year old girl seeking termination of pregnancy will be heard by the Supreme Court. The girl seeks termination of her 26 weeks old pregnancy, the court directs the medical board to submit the medical report in a sealed form. The report is on the feasibility of the medical termination.

The bench consisted of CJI Bobde, Justices AS Bopanna and V Ramasubramaniam.In the last hearing, the medical board was requested to look into the matter quickly as the girl is in her 26th week of pregnancy.

However, in the last hearing, the court has issued notice and directed the government and the medical board to submit the report by 5th March 2021.In this case, the girl was raped by her father’s first cousin.

The accused also used nude pictures of the victim to threaten her. The petitioners also contended that the accused and the victim are direct blood relatives, so if the child is born, it will be suffering from mental and physical abnormalities.

Therefore, the petitioners are praying for termination of pregnancy.

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