Rape case filed after 27 years when son seeks answer

A case of Gang-rape was registered against two brothers after 27 years in Shahjahanpur police station of Uttar Pradesh. The case was filed by a woman who is in her 40s living at Lucknow. She delivered a boy after getting pregnant in 1994-95.

When at that time, she told about the incident to her sister, the accused threatened them and therefore they left the city for Lucknow.

She was 14 years old at that time because of which the doctors denied abortion.When she delivered a boy, she gave her son to a native couple.

But, now after 27 years, her son came to her to know his biological father.For which, she filed a case, so that DNA test can be done to know the biological father of her son.

She said that it was because of the social stigma that she, then , had not lodged a complainant. But because of all this, her husband also left her.

She also have another son from her wedlock.

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