“Objectification of women has to stop:” Bombay High Court pulls up Telugu film producer for picking up image of Sakshi Malik without license

The Bombay High Court reprimanded the producers of the Telugu film “V” in connection with the use of private image of model and Bollywood actor Sakshi Malik while not getting from her an authorization and in a derogatory manner while hearing her plea of defamation against them.

The conflict began as Malik’s image was used in one of the scenes in the film in an undignified manner.

Malik claimed that the image, which was shown in the film, was taken from her Instagram account.

On Wednesday, the High Court had ordered Amazon prime Video to get rid of the movie after the court came to a conclusion that the image wasn’t solely used without consent but also used in a derogatory and a demeaning manner.

Amazon prime video and the producer presented before the court that the movie had been taken down and the segment was also deleted after the court ordered them to do so.

Therefore, The Court proceeded to permit the re-release of the movie however processed that Malik’s photo cannot be used without an express approval from Malik.

Malik’s advocates argued that Malik’s case might not be the sole one and that there may be more like her.

Justice Patel agreed with the above proposition.

Justice Patel also added that apart from defamation, Malik could also easily get reliefs for infringement of copyright of her images.

The matter will be taken up for hearing again on March 25, 2021.

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