Bar Council Of India passes a resolution against criticism of Judiciary

The Bar Council Of India (BCI), the Indian adjudicating body of Law field has recently passed a resolution against of the criticism and reckless comments being continuously used against the Judiciary.

A press release signed and passed by the Chairman of Bar council of India, Manan Kumar Mishra said that in recent times we have seen many instances of hatred, disrespect and mistrust among the general public especially the youth on social media against the highest Judiciary.

Few politicians and so-called social activists to fulfill their political motives are directly attacking on our judges and questioning their legal acumen without any authentication of the subject that they are talking about.

They are continuously using social media and print media to spread negativity against the judicial system of the country. This is highly demeaning to the honour of the court and must be stopped. These people must realise that there statements are disrespectful to the Supreme Judicial body of the country and they are directly and continuously attacking it’s sanctity.

Concluding, the press release clearly asserted that, “Please don’t try to scandalize the institution, don’t take political mileage from court proceedings of the highest judiciary, the country will not forgive you. India is a vast country, so, the signature move of a few hundreds of person is meaningless and worthless”.

The Justice system must be kept untouched from the political shadow.

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