Vikas kishanrao v. State of Maharashtra (W.P. Civil No. 980 of 2019)

Section 12(2)(c) of Maharashtra zilla Parishads and Panchayat Samitis Act, 1961,states that 27% reservation is for OBCs.

The court stated:
As regards the State legislation providing   for   reservation   of   seats   in   respect   of   OBCs,   it   must ensure that in no case the aggregate vertical reservation in respect of SCs/STs/OBCs taken together should exceed 50 per cent of the seats   in   the   concerned   local   bodies.     In   case,   constitutional reservation provided for SCs and STs were to consume the entire 50 per cent of seats in the concerned local bodies and in some cases in scheduled area even beyond 50 per cent, in respect of such local bodies, the question of providing further reservation to OBCs would not arise at all.  To put it differently, the quantum of reservation for OBCs ought to be local body specific and be so provisioned   to   ensure   that   it   does   not   exceed   the   quantitative limitation of 50 per cent (aggregate) of vertical reservation of seats for SCs/STs/OBCs taken together.”

It also stated:
“A  priori,   the   elections   conducted   by   the   State   Election Commission on the basis of such notifications concerning reserved OBC seats alone are vitiated and must be regarded as non est in the eyes of law from its inception in the wake of declaration of law in that regard by the Constitution Bench of this Court.  The fact that   it   will   impact   large   number   of   seats   throughout   the   five
districts   or   elsewhere   where   such   elections   are   conducted   in 2019/2020, would make no difference.”

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