Calcutta high court disposes PIL on Free and fair election in the West Bengal

The PIL that raised concerns about the execution of a peaceful and fair election in West Bengal was dismissed by the Calcutta High Court, which took cognizance of the Election Commission of India’s affidavit.

The PIL filed by Bimal Kumar Chatterjee was heard by a Division Bench consisting of Chief Justice Thottathil B. Radhakrishnan and Justice Shampa Sarkar.

In accordance with the State election in West Bengal, the Election Commission of India announced that it will hold free and fair elections and will take all appropriate measures to ensure this.

The Advocate General claimed that it is not a case that should be considered because what is being desired to be listed in the writ petition does not represent what can be considered real anticipation that could generate and ignite writ jurisdiction, alone as a PIL.

The Court emphasized that any concerns or inputs about various aspects upon which Election Commission of India will have its regulatory control, which would operate with sovereignty in terms of laws, orders, and guidelines provided from time to time, are within the jurisdiction of the Election Commission of India.

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