Madras High Court takes cognizance in the case of sexual harassment of an IPS officer

A suo moto action was taken by the Madras High Court in a sexual harassment case. A woman IPS officer was sexually assaulted by her senior. The offender is a special DGP. He stopped and forced her not to file a complaint against him.

The Madras High Court took cognizance of this alleged incident. Also, the court laid down that the investigation of the case will be completely monitored by the court.

The Bench criticized that the DGP used his power and prevented the victim from filing a complaint against him. The judge observed that if an officer Indian Police itself could be harassed and prevented from filing a complaint, then what will be the situation of ordinary citizens.The victim was harassed in her official car and she somehow escaped from the scene.

While she was going to Chennai for the purpose of filing a complaint, she received many calls from higher officers, but she had ignored the calls. Then she was intercepted at a toll gate on her way and two police officers came near her car and took away her car keys.

Then she was made to talk to the offender, and he prevented her from filing a complaint.

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