Fine imposed on Lawyer for not maintaing the dress code


The case that the court was dealing with was an issue where the accused was convicted under Sections 363, 366A, 376(3) of the Indian Penal Code and Section 6 of the POCSO Act. Due to the pandemic, the case was heard through the mode of video conferencing. It was pointed out during the hearing that the informant’s learned counsel did not wear his neckband at the course of the argument, which clearly shows that the counsel of the informant has violated the dress code that has been prescribed under the Advocates Act.

Observation of Odisha High Court
  1. People who belong to a certain profession are recognized by their attire, so every profession has a prescribed dress code for the people belonging to that profession.
  2. The dress code of lawyers is defined under the 1961 Advocates Act, making it obligatory for lawyers to wear a black robe or a coat with a white shirt and white neckband.
  3. Section 49(1)(gg) of the Advocates Act prescribes the dress code for advocates regardless of whether they are senior advocates or other advocates.
  4. One of the most important aspects of any professional is their professionalism. In particular for lawyers, the etiquette, courtier, and attire are subtle markers of erudition and expertise, and this greatly affects the impression of people towards the profession.
  5. In nature, the occupation is solemn and its breadth is complemented by its dress.

The High Court orders the lawyer to pay Rs. 500 fine to the Welfare Fund of the High Court Bar Association.

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