Bail granted to three accused on the basis of news channel video: Delhi High Court

The Delhi High Court granted bail to the three accused of northeast Delhi riots and murder case on the ground that the video telecasted by a news channel is contrary to what the prosecution put while opposing the bail application.

Justice Suresh Kumar granted the bail to Irhsad, Chand Mohammed and Junaid as the evidence against all the three was same.

However, the case was related to the death of Shahid who died of gunshot wound during the Delhi riots.

As the court relying on the news channel video in which the anchor was seen saying that person had fired a rifle from Mohan Nursing Home Hospital.

Also, the court stated that there is neither direct nor circumstantial evidence against the petitioners that they might have killed a person of their own community during the communal riots.

Court granted them bail while stating that the investigation agency concentrated only on one side of the building although rioters from both the sides of the building were firing.

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