Orissa High Court imposes fine on Advocate for not wearing neck band before the Court in virtual hearing

The bench of Orissa High Court observed that the profundity of the profession is complemented by the attire they wear. An advocate is expected to present himself in a dignified way before the court. Even if the hearing is done in virtual mode, the lawyer is bound to wear proper dress.

The High court imposed a fine of Rs.500 on an advocate for not wearing a neck band in the virtual hearing.The dress of lawyers are governed by the Advocates Act, 1962. According to the rules, it is mandatory to wear black robe or white coat with a white neckband.

Section 49(1) (gg) of the Act says that this rule applies to all advocates irrespective of their position (senior or any other advocates).During the course of hearing a bail, the counsel was not wearing the neckband and it was observed by the court.

The court held that the attire represents the profession and it strongly influences the people on the profession. The court opined that it is a duty to restore the profession’s dignity. Therefore, the court held that the counsel for the informant was liable to deposit an amount of Rs.500.

The fund to be deposited in the Welfare Fund of “High Court Bar Association”.

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