Kerala High Court gives direction initiate CBI investigation in Jesna Maria Case

Jesna Maria James is a 2nd year student studying B.Com in Kerala. The 20 year old went missing in 2018 from her house. Her brother’s statement says that the girl was at her home when he and his father left for work. But when they returned from work at night, she was not at home and did not return back to home even by late night. Jesna’s father filed a complaint under Section 57 of Kerala Police Act, 2018 for his missing daughter. An investigation team was constituted to address this matter.

The Local police failed to find any breakthrough in the case and a writ petition was filed before to transfer the matter to CBI. When the petition was pending, the case was handled by CBCID. An interim direction was also passed in order to inform the outcomes of investigation to the High Court. As per the interim order, the crime branch submitted a statement to the High Court. Despite many efforts, the officials could not find any trace about Jesna.

The ASG was requested to look into the matter, whether the case can be handled to CBI or not. The ASG submitted that the case can be transferred to CBI as there is no development in the investigation of the case. The court directed the respondents to transfer the case with other materials or documents of the case to CBI of Thiruvananthapuram unit. The court also directed that the government should give logistic support to CBI for their investigation.

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