Shabnam to be hanged

Shabnam a girla double MA (in English and Geography) who taught at the village primary school, is going to hanged. She will be given death punishment after a death warrant is issued. Shabnam, was convicted along with her lover Salim for murdering her family in 2008.

Shabnam lived in Bawankheri village in Uttar Pradesh. She loved Salim who was a 8th passed young boy. He worked at a wood sawing unit outside Shabnam’s home. Her family didn’t accepted her relationship and on the night of 14 April 2008, after sleeping she killed her father, mother two brothers, sister-in-law, sister and a nephew by chopping their heads. She initially pretended that her house was attacked by unidentified assailants. However, Shabnam later confessed that she had abetted Salim in the crime and made her family members drink milk laced with sedatives and thereafter throttled her little nephew.

Shabnam’s mercy petition has already been rejected by the Governor and President and is likely to be hanged soon after a death warrant is issued. Shabnam is presently lodged in Rampur district jail while Salim is lodged in Agra prison.

The prison administration has requested Amroha administration to obtain her death warrant. As soon as it is received, they will transfer her to Mathura district jail as it has the provision for hanging of women. Mathura Jail is the only prison in the country that has a female execution room.

Shabnam’s uncle Sattar Ali said she should be hanged as she had brutally murdered seven members of her own family. Meanwhile, Pavan Jallad of Meerut, who had executed the convicts in Nirbhaya’s gangrape-murder case, has visited Mathura jail and suggested some modifications.

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