A lawyer couple was stabbed to death near Hyderabad

In Telangana, a lawyer couple was stabbed by unidentified people. They had already filed a public interest litigation regarding a custodial death. They were facing frequent threats from filing this public interest litigation. The couple were Rao and Nagamani, both were advocates, they filed PIL regarding the custodial death of Seelam Rangaiah.

The letter given by the couple to the court states that the deceased was kept in the custody for 4 days and was subject to custodial torture. Under suspicious circumstances, the person died in the lockup. The advocate couple wanted justice for this person and they moved the PIL in the Court for registration of FIR and to conduct enquiry into the suspicious death of Sheelam.

But later the couple filed an application that they were threatened by the police department and they falsely involved her husband in the FIR.The division bench of Telangana gave directions to ensure the couple’s safety and the High Court also extended the protection order. But the couple were killed in the broad daylight near Hyderabad.

They were stabbed multiple times. The Bar council has released a statement saying that the attacks on advocates are increasing and no person can take law into their hands. The council demanded the police to arrest the culprits immediately.

It also gave direction to the government to enact an Advocates Protection Act.

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