Madras High Court: No compulsion, the petitioner is free to switch off the tv when the Sanskrit news is telecasted.

Case : S.Muthukumar v. The Government of India Secretary to Government Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

A plea was filed before the Madras High Court to stop telecasting the Sanskrit news in Tamil Doordharasan Channel. Last month, the court disposed of the petition. The bench notes that the petitioner is free to switch off the television during the Sanskrit news.

The petitioner’s through a writ of mandamus contended that the respondents are telecasting sankrit news in Tamil channel.

The respondents we’re:

1.Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

2. Prasar Bharati

3. Director general of doordarshan

4. Director, Doordarshan Kendra.

The court directed the Ministry to allot funds for the equal growth of all languages in the 8th schedule. Court held that the matters of great importance should be addressed by the court and not look into such petty issues.

There is no compulsion for the petitioner to tune in the Sanskrit news, he can switch of the tv and find some other entertainment.

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