Supreme Court to begin hybrid mode hearings: Lawyers will have option to appear either physically or virtually in physical courts

The Supreme Court will begin the hearings via hybrid mode where the option of appearing in the physical courts, either physically or virtually will be at the option of the party.

In a meeting conducted by the Supreme Court Coordination Committee, it was observed that court will begin operating in a hybrid manner. The meeting was attended by officials from the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court Advocate on Record Association and the Supreme Court Bar Association

According to the hybrid system, when a matter is heard in a physical court, the parties will have the option to appear either physically or virtually.
Previously, a press release issued by the Bar Council of India provided the details of the meeting, which was convened between the leaders of the Bar and the Chief Justice of India to discuss the resumption of the physical hearings at the Supreme Court.
However, it was also reported that the physical hearing will be in a limited manner and a hybrid method will be followed.

Interestingly, the press release had added that Senior Counsel Vikas Singh suggested that for virtual hearings, only lawyers present in Delhi should be allowed and the same can be done over cable connections either in the chambers of lawyers or in the cubicles.

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