Sedition case against Zakir Hussain

In Jammu and Kashmir High court, a sedition case against Zakir Hussain, councillor of Ladakh Autonomous Hill development Council, Kargil, was lodged for various comments against the Indian Army.

The Court stated that for sedition cases, The acts to disrupt public peace should be identified.

The Court stated the following:

“Undoubtedly, in the conversation the petitioner has demeaned the Indian Forces and eulogized the armed forces of China in the context of recent Galwan valley conflict between the two nations. It is equally true that the conversation contained in the audio clip, which was circulated on the social media by the co-accused Nissar Ahmed Khan, does bring into contempt the Government established by law in India, but unless the conversation has the tendency or intention of creating public disorder or disturbance of public peace by incitement to an offence, the same would not be sedition to attract the applicability of Section 124A or for that matter Section 153A or 153B IPC.”

The court finally ruled:
“the offences charged against the petitioner are not made out and, therefore, registration of FIR, investigation and its culmination into presentation of challan is only abuse of the process of law.”

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