The J&K Reorganization (Amendment) Bill passed with a voice vote

*What is a voice vote?*
Voice vote is a method of voting in the parliament in which votes of the members are taken on a subject or a motion orally. It is considered to be the quickest and the easiest method of voting which is used in deliberative (decision-making) assemblies. As the first step, the presiding officer or the chair of the assembly delivers the question to the assembly. The members who are in the favour of the motion say ‘aye’ or ‘yea’ orally. Afterward, the presiding officer asks those opposed to the motion to cast their votes by saying ‘nay’ or ‘no’. The votes on each side are then counted and the results are declared. The only disadvantage of voice votes is that the volume of the voices of the members is estimated instead of being measures with sound level meters.

*The Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization (Amendment) Bill, 2021*
This bill was introduced in the house a few days ago by the Minister of State (Home), G. Kishan Reddy. As per this bill, the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill of 2019 that bifurcated the state of Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories, Ladakh being one and the former being the other after the revocation of Section 370 has been amended.

*Changes made-*
1.Section 13 (applicability of Section 239A) and SEction 88 (provisions related to all India services) of the act are amended.
2. The bill aims at merging its cadre of officers of Indian civil services to the AGMUT cadre (which stands for Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Mizoram, and Union Territory).

Purpose- To increase the strength of civil servants in the union territory.

3. Since, the constitution of India is now fully applicable on the union territory, this amendment would enable the availability of administrative officers in JnK who have the experience to run the UT.

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