Madras High Court holds zero tolerance towards advocates who spoil the image of the profession


PS Kirubakaran v. Commissioner of Police

The Madras High Court took a strong decision that there will be zero tolerance if an advocate spoils the image of the entire profession by their conduct. In this case, a group of advocates were involved in the unlawful activities in a disputed land. The remarks in this case were made by the Single Bench of Justice N. Anand Venkatesh.

The group of advocates tried to break open a lock in a disputed land. They unlawfully and forcibly took possession of the land. Everyday there was an issue made by advocates in the disputed land. These advocates formed an unlawful assembly. Also, the respondent (police) are hesitating to approach this assembly and they are not registering a complaint against them. In the past, to control such actions, the court has suspended few advocates. But these practices have been again revived and it has gone out of control.

The court has ordered the authorities to submit the report of the name of advocates involved in this and the court has assured that stringent action will be taken against these advocates.

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