Supreme Court dismisses plea asking for implementation of President’s rule in UP

On Monday, the Supreme Court rejected a plea seeking the enactment, under Article 356 of the Constitution, of the President’s rule in Uttar Pradesh (UP).

The petition alleged that the deterioration of law and order, discrimination against minorities, and growing crimes on Dalits in UP were grounds for the implementation of the President’s rule in the state.

The petitioner was asked by the Supreme Court to lay the grounds for making that claim.

Show us the basis of your claim. There is no analysis about where you’re claiming. How is your fundamental right going to be impacted,” asked SA Bobde, Chief Justice of India.

If you further claim, we will place heavy costs on you, CJI Bobde warned the complainant before rejecting the matter.

The petition claimed that a condition has arisen in Uttar Pradesh in which it has become difficult for the government to move ahead in compliance with the provisions of the Constitution”

The petition charges that the State has been subjected to illegal, unconstitutional, and extra-judicial police murders, torture by prison staff, limitations on press freedom, brutality against minorities, and growing crimes against Dalits.

The petitioner highlighted the incident of the Hathras gang rape and the subsequent state acts to support his point.

The petitioner stated thatThe implementation of Article 356 in UP is important to save Indian democracy and the interests of 20 crore people.

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