Plea filed in Supreme Court to introduce e-voting and OTP based indentification of voters

A plea has been filed in the apex court to extend the access of citizens to the electoral procedure by enhancing the postal ballot voting to more categories of citizens by introducing the E-voting.

The plea also included directions to ensure a free and fair election process by providing double databases for the transactions to reduce the risk of data manipulation and Electronic voting machines (EVM).

The plea has been submitted in the Supreme Court by social activist, K Sathyan. He has also requested that an OTP based system for correct identification of voters be developed and also requested the installation of CCTV cameras in all the polling booths across the country to ensure a free electoral process.

The petitioner has argued that depriving the citizens of their right to vote is violating the Constitutional obligation which is to ensure free and fair elections. Presently, postal ballot can only be availed by a few categories of people and he has requested that the same should be extended to include all registered voters who are unable to vote.

The plea has also raised a few broad issues which are expansion of citizens access to voting, ensure free and fair electoral process by technological means and to facilitate the electoral process by installing CCTV cameras in all the polling booth so as to ensure that no person cast vote through unfair illegal means.

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