Friend request sent on Facebook by the victim is no excuse for sexual relations:HC

The Himachal Pradesh High court, while rejecting the plea of 19 years old accused who had allegedly to have sexual relations with a minor girl of age 13 years, stated that,’ just because the victim has sent friend request to the accused, it does not give him right to have sexual relations with her’.

The order was being passed by the court on Thursday on a bail petition filed by the accused who is in custody as he took a girl to the hotel and had sexual relations with her only on the ground that the victim has sent her friend request on Facebook. The contention of the petitioner was that the victim is aged 18 years as for making a facebook account the mandatory age is of 18 years and therefore he thought that she is aged 18.

The court rejected the bail plea and held that it is uncomon to reveal data on platforms like facebook as it is a public platform and also sending friend request doesn’t mean that the victim is alluring the accused to establish sexual relations with her as she was in the first year of her teenage.

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