Woman, Aged 95, charged in Germany for being accessory to Murder during Nazi rule

Yesterday, Public prosecutors in Germany accused a 95-year-old woman for her role in supporting the Nazis as a secretary in a concentration camp during the Second World War, charging her with 10,000 counts of being an accessory to murder, & complicity in attempted murders during that reign of cruelty and destruction.

According to the news agency, the woman was identified as Irmgard F under German privacy laws. Her indictment followed a 5-year-old investigation. As she was under 21 (juvenile under German laws) at the time of the accused offenses, prosecutors said that she would be tried in a juvenile court, where she is likely to receive a milder sentence.

The woman worked as a secretary for the camp commander at the Stutthof camp, 20 miles from the Polish city of Gdansk, between June 1943 & April 1945.Prosecutors said that she had admitted that much of the correspondence related to the camp & many files crossed her desk, & that she knew of some killings of inmates.

However, the accused maintains that she did not know that large numbers of the camp’s inmates were being killed by gas during the time of her working tenure.

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