Karnataka High Court gives direction to the state government to ensure attendance in schools

The Karnataka High Court gave directions to the state government to ensure attendance of students in school. They observed that the country will not progress without education, so there should be no discontinuation of education.

The reports were submitted by the schools on attendance of students in physical mode and other modes. The court observed the importance of education to the children in villages and they wanted to ensure that the pandemic situation should not lead to discontinuation of education to any student. The advocate representing the government had submitted that the regular classes of students from 9th to 12th have commenced and the students’ attendance in rural areas have gradually increased. The classes 6th to 8th, students are attending the classes in “Vidyagama” mode. The expert opinion for classes 1st to 5th are in still in pending. The court observed that the percentage of attendance in district wise is very poor and the Court is very concerned about the attendance of 10th standard students.

The court seeks an immediate plan of action and to ensure the supply of low-cost laptops and tablets to students in weaker and disadvantaged sections, for ensuring their attendance in online mode.

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