NCW on POCSO judgment of Bombay High Court.

The National Commission of Women (NCW) appealed in the supreme court against the High Court of Bombay judgment which stated that pressing the breasts of a child over the clothes is not sexual assault.

NCW stated the following:

“From a plain reading of relevant provision, it is clear that “Sexual Assault” in terms of Section 7, POCSO Act is predominantly a touch by the offender. If an accused touches a victim (or a victim’s body part) with sexual intent then the act of “Sexual Assault” is complete. There can be no further classification of contact, i.e. skin to skin contact.””The second part of Section 7, POCSO Act uses general words only to guard against some accidental omission in the object mentioned in the first part and is not intended to extend or limit the object to a whole different level.”

The entire nation is awaiting this judgement with awaited breath.

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