Petition filed in Calcutta High Court against the proposed “Rath Yatra”

A plea regarding the BJP’s Rath Yatra was filed in Calcutta High Court. The petition seeks to prevent the Rath Yatra from happening. It seeks the High Court’s intervention, as there are high chances of deterioration of Covid 19 pandemic situation. The petition also states that the law and order would have serious issues due to this Yatra.

The government has given permission to BJP to hold Yatras from February 6th. A large number of people would gather and the crowd will not be monitored or controlled with social distancing.

The petitioner has already made a submission on 2nd February about granting permission to the proposed Yatra, but no steps were taken by the respondents.

The petition also submits that there is high chances of communal violence and serious threats to the common people at large throughout West Bengal. The petition seeks that the permission to hold the “Rath Yatra” should not be given and if given then the Covid 19 protocol should be strictly followed and must be ensured by the respondents.

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