A plea has been filed in the supreme court against Net Services suspension

A Petition was filed before the supreme court regarding immediate revival of the Net Services in Singhu, Ghazipur, and Tikri and requesting directions to media organizations towards circulating “hate news” targeting the Sikh community.

The petitioners said that they were “aggrieved by the propaganda and hate news being circulated by some of the news channels and over the social networking sites promoting hate towards the entire Sikh community.”Referring to the Red Fort turmoil when some individuals breached the monument and installed a Nishaan Sahib, the plea claims that few elements executed the alleged acts, but some of the major news channels blamed, ridiculed, and defamed the entire Sikh community for their unlawful benefits and ambiguous intentions.

In addition, the petition contends that the order issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs restricting the internet in the border areas of Delhi, where farmers are protesting, is a gross abuse of power by the government and obstructs the exercise of their fundamental rights under Article 19(1) (a).

The petitioners pleaded expressly for a court order to remove iron nails and bolstered barricades at the sites of the demonstrations. They also sought guidelines to ensure unrestricted internet connectivity.

In addition, a prayer was made to restrain the entire media from spreading hate news against the entire Sikh community and give an unconditional apology for harming the entire Sikh community’s religious feelings by calling them terrorists and symbolizing their ‘Nishaan Sahib’ as ‘Khalistani Flag.’

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