Women allowed to work night shifts in all sectors:finance minister in Budget 2021

As on 1 February, budget has been presented by Finance Minister Nirmala sitharaman and it has been announced that women are allowed to work in all sectors and night shifts and she also added that social security benefits will be extended to gig and platform workers.

Women being allowed to work in night shifts was already notified by the centre as a part of occupational safety, Health and working conditions code(centre rules,2020)which is likely to be implemented from 1 April.
Following conditions should be met for employment of women in night shift.

1.The consumer of women employee shall be taken.

2.No women shall be employed against the maternity benefit provisions laid down in social security code2020.

3.Adequate transport facilities should be provided to women employees-to pick up and drop.

4.The workplace including passage towards convenience of facilities like washrooms, Drinking water , entry and exit of women employee should be well-lit.

5.Providing safe,secure and healthy working conditions such that no women employee is disadvantaged in connection with her employment.
Sitaraman announced Rs.1000 crore schemes for tea workers especially for women and children in Assam and West Bengal.

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