Online friend takes 13-year-old girl to Mumbai, gang-rapes her with minor boy

An online friendship proved toxic for a 13-year-old girl from Jaipur, who was allegedly gang-raped in Kurla, Mumbai. The 13-year-old girl became friends with a youth on social media and left her home to meet him. The girl was taken to Mumbai where she was allegedly gang-raped by the accused and a minor boy.

The teen girl was an active user on social media and she met the 21-year-old on the same platform. The teen started speaking to the accused and a minor boy on social media and the two convinced her to board a bus from Jaipur. The 13-year-old girl then left home and boarded a bus that took her to Surat. As the teenager did not have any money, the accused made a transaction through UPI and sent the money to the bus conductor.

The 21-year-old accused, who was identified as Saif Ali Khan, and the juvenile boy allegedly gang-raped the teenager in Kurla, Mumbai.

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