Poland Implements near-total ban on Abortion

Following the controversial decision by the Constitutional Court of Poland, amid the huge protests Poland implemented a near-total ban on abortion.

The Constitutional Court ruled in October that a 1993 law allowing abortion in cases of severe and irreversible fetal abnormalities was unconstitutional.

Prior to the ruling, access to abortion was already limited, with just 1,100 procedures performed in 2019. The enforcement of this judgment was delayed due to mass protests. After the Constitutional Court published a justification for their judgment on Wednesday, the Polish government announced that the change would be entered into the Journal of Laws.

The tightening of the already tough abortion laws has been continuously condemned by human rights charities. Esther Major, Senior Research Advisor at Amnesty International, stated “a terrible day for women and girls in Poland.” Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski has also spoken against the law, sharing his support for the thousands of protesters taking to the streets in response to the restriction.

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