Google’s HR executive found dead two years

A woman who works in HR department in Google was found dead in her house under mysterious circumstances in New Delhi.

The woman’s brother Aniruddh Sharma arrived in the city to seek justice for his sister. The brother claims that her sister was murdered for demanding dowry.

In 2019, the 32-year-old victim Swati Sharma had a love marriage with Harshwardhan Tripathi, a resident of Mau district of Uttar Pradesh. Tripathi’s family was against the wedding. After the wedding the couple moved to Singapore and after sometime they got into a fight and Tripathi’s family’s allegedly pressured Swati for dowry.

It is alleged that Tripathi’s family was pressurising Swati’s parents to buy them a flat.

Swati was currently working from home after returning from Singapore. In December last year, she went to Manali with her husband returned to Delhi on Jan 18.

The next day, Swati’s brother was informed about her death. His brother said that he was informed that his sister committed suicide. The brother of the deceased has filed a complaint with police against her in-laws for allegedly killing her over dowry.

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