Sourav Ganguly hospitalised again with discomfort in chest, Another angioplasty to be taken soon

BCCI president Sourav Ganguly was taken to Apollo Hospital in Kolkata on Wednesday after he complained about being unwell. He was admitted at CCU 142 unit, a separate room inside Critical Care Unit, at the at Apollo Hospital.
There have been minor changes in Sourav Ganguly’s Electrocardiogram (ECG) report, according to the hospital. The 48-year-old former cricketer is being monitored closely by the doctors at the Apollo Hospital in Kolkata. The doctors who are taking care of Ganguly’s health have confirmed that his situation is not alarming. He will be further monitored before they take a call, on Thursday, on the second stent which might be needed.
The former India captain was recently in hospital after complaining of chest pain. He had undergone angioplasty and left the hospital after 5 days of continuous monitoring by the doctors. “I am fine,” Sourav Ganguly had said after getting discharged.
Sourav Ganguly was diagnosed with three blocked coronary arteries on Saturday, following which a stent was inserted in one to remove the blockage. Ganguly had also tested negative for Covid-19 on Sunday.
A 9-member medical team was formed on Monday who then decided that Ganguly doesn’t need any further angioplasty for the remaining blockages in his coronary arteries.
Dr Rupali Basu MD & CEO Woodlands Hospital, had earlier told India Today that Ganguly will be able to resume his normal life in another 3-4 weeks once the remaining two blocked arteries are revascularised.

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