Law student requests CJI to take suo motu cognizance against persons guilty for Red Fort flag incident

A formal letter has been sent to CJI by a Law Student requesting him to take Suo Motu cognizance against the anti-social elements who have waved the flag of another community in place of National Flag on Red Fort in the name of Farmers Republic Day Tractor Rally organized by farmers on January 26, 2021.

The letter has been written by a law student Ashish Rai of Mumbai University saying that the tractor rally was organized by Group of Farmers on the day of January 26, 2021. In that tractor rally event which was going on peacefully, later it has been terrorized by some anti-social elements resulting in mass-chaos. In which a large number of Public property of the country has been damaged and destroyed.

He has written “on the occasion of Republic Day being celebrated on January 26, above the Red Fort of Delhi, the way the flag of another community has been waved in place of the national flag of India, hurting the honor and dignity of the country. Is an utterly shameful event.”

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