Supreme Court: Wastage of Judicial Time to be compensated by officer responsible for delay

State of U.P. filed SLP after 502 days, the court admitted and for that two orders was made. The court opined that “The Law of limitation prevents even a good case for coming up. It is not as if you can come up after hundred or thousand days.” State Government or any Public Authority can not just walk in the Supreme Court ignoring the period of limitation.

The court ordered that “We have deprecated such practice and process and we do so again. We refuse to grant such certificates and if the Government/public authorities suffer losses, it is time when concerned officers responsible for the same, bear the consequences. The irony, emphasized by us repeatedly, is that no action is ever taken against the officers and if the Court pushes it, some mild warning is all that happens.”

Justice S.K. Kaul, Justice Dinesh Maheshwari and Justice Hrishikesh Roy imposed heavy costs of Rs. 25,000 each on the States of Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka for their “lethargy and incompetence” in approaching the Apex Court after a delay of hundred and thousand days.

Amount of Rs.25,000/- to be paid for the wastage of judicial time and to be deposited with SC AOR within 4 weeks of this order.

The amount will be recovered from officers responsible for the delayin filing the Special Leave Petition and a certificate of recoveryof the said amount be also filed in this Court within the sameperiod of time.

Case: State of UP & Ors. v. Sabha Narain & Ors. and Commissioner of Public Instruction & Ors. v. Shamshuddin.

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