Fine of Rs 3 lakh, imposed by Allahabad High Court on the petitioner for filing 4 petitions in two years seeking same relief.

The Allahabad High Court levied costs of Rs. 3 lakh on a petitioner who, over a two-year period, filed four petitions on the same issue seeking the same relief.

The costs have to be paid within a month of failure by the High Court Registry to recover the same as land revenue arrears, ordered by the Bench of Justice Rajiv Joshi.

In his petitions, the petitioner, Noor Hasan, had prayed that he be allowed to function as Gram Pradhan and to restore his discontinued financial and administrative powers.

On April 4, 2019, the High Court rejected the first petition filed against the order. A second was filed, which was denied on 12 December 2019, while a third was rejected on 14 February 2020.

The complainant, undeterred, filed a fourth petition for the same relief. While appearing before the Court, the petitioner claimed that he was not well-qualified and had passed only 5th grade, and thus, due to a lack of legal knowledge, he had filed the present petition again.

Standing counsel Rahul Saxena, on the other hand, argued that this was a straightforward case of contempt and the petitioner submitted his apology conditionally with a folded hand and by giving the assurance that such contempt should not be replicated in the future.

In accordance with the Standing Counsel’s representations, the Court went on to reject the appeal with ‘exemplary costs’

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