Five men have been arrested for allegedly killing a leopard

In the Idduki District of kerala, a shocking incident happened in which five men allegedly trapped and slaughtered a leopard and then consumed its meat.

The accused – identified as VP Kuriakose (74), Sali Kunjappan (54), CS Binu (50), Vincet (50) and Vinod PK (45), all residents of Mankulam – were taken into custody. The accused decided to trap and kill the leopard after it mauled to death a goat owned by one of the accused. Leopard is protected under the Schedule 1 of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 and the prescribed punishment of killing a leopard is of 7 years.

According to a forest official, Vinod and Kuriakose installed a trap in a private land nearly 100 metres away from the forest at Munipara near Mankular. A male leopard, aged around six years, fell into the trap on Wednesday morning. The accused shifted the big cat to Vinod’s house, where they allegedly killed it. Thereafter, they cooked its meat and consumed it.

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