SC issues notice to the makers of and Amazon Prime Video for maligning Uttar Pradesh town’s image

The Supreme Court of India on Thursday issued notice on a plea by Suresh Kumar Singh challenging the bad-life and obscene portrayal of Mirzapur District in the famous web-series *Mirzapur* on Amazon-Prime OTT platform.

A 3-judge bench headed by the Chief Justice S.A. Bobde, and Justices A.S. Bopanna and V. Ramasubramanian has issued a notice to the Centre, Excel Entertainment Pvt Ltd. And Amazon Prime Video and sought their reaction.

The petitioner has challenged how the city of Mirzapur has been displayed and portrayed as being full of terror, obscenity, abuses, crime, and other illegal activities in the fictional series which after all maligns the image associated the city of Uttar Pradesh and defamed it badly.

The petitioner has sought directions to ban the release of the Web Series Mirzapur 2. It sought directions to the Centre to set up a pre-screening committee for web series, films or other programs which are directly released on online platforms and proper censor process must take place to uphold the serenity of the nation and its states.

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