Centre informs the Supreme Court : Vijay Mallya cannot be extradited

The Centre informed the Supreme Court that the United Kingdom government, cannot extradite businessman Vijay Mallya until a confidential legal issue concerning him is resolved.The Indian Supreme Court in November 2020 had asked the government to submit a report status on the extradition within 6 weeks.

A Special Bench consisting of Justice U.U. Lalit and Justice Ashok Bhushan, heard excerpts from an official letter sent by the UK Government to the Ministry of External Affairs on Monday. This letter was read in front of the bench by Solicitor General Tushar Mehta.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta stated that the government has been making frequent and repeated efforts to extradite Mr. Mallya from the U.K:He mentioned that the Foreign Secretary had raised the issue of Mr. Mallya’s extradition with the U.K. Home Secretary in November 2020.

Then the Foreign Minister had discussed the same with the U.K. Foreign Secretary in December 2020. This was followed by the Home Secretary raising it with the U.K. Permanent Under Secretary of Home in January 2021.

As per the communication received, the UK Government has refused to provide details of legal issue and stated that it was judicial in nature and confidential. And as per the UK law a person cannot be extradited until the legal issue involving him is resolved.

They also refused to disclose how long it would take to resolve the issue.The UK Government also mentioned that they are aware about the importance of this extradition and assured that they would resolve the issue it as soon as possible.

The Indian Supreme Court adjourned the hearing and decided to hear the case again on 15th March.

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