Supreme Court imposed costs on government of Gujarat for delay in filing Special leave petitions case

Title: State of Gujarat v. Deep Association

In the present case, the special leave petition was filed by the Gujarat Government with a delay of 476 days. Condonation of the delay in the application stated that the delay of 476 days was not a deliberate action but many steps were involved before filing this petition, which was the cause for the delay.

The Court observed that the Government had acted without any plausible ground for delay. They approached this court in a causal manner, ignoring the period of limitation. The Court took the example of “State of Madhya Pradesh v. Bheru Lal”, in which the bench discouraged the act of ignoring the period of limitation.

In this case, the incompetence of the petitioner government was noted by the bench.The Court in many cases has deprecated such practices and the Supreme Court imposed Rs.25,000 as cost for wasting the judicial time. Within 4 weeks, the amount is to be deposited to the Employees Mutual Welfare Fund of the Supreme Court.

The amount should be recovered from the officers who were responsible behind the delay. The Special leave petition was dismissed as per the rules of Limitation Statute.

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