Whatsapp Privacy Policy case to be heard in DELHI HC

Justice Prathiba Singh of Delhi HC recuses herself from hearing the matter.On Friday, the Delhi High Court begun with hearings on the challenge presented to WhatsApp’s new Privacy Policy. Justice Prathiba Singh however has recused herself from hearing the case.

The Court before the begning of the hearing had received an e-mail from WhatsApp asking Justice Singh to recuse herself from the case as she presented a related matter as Lawyer in the past. Though Whatsapp later withdrew the e-mail unconditionally, Justice Singh opted to not hear the matter.When Additional Solicitor General Chetan Sharma urged her to not do so, she said, “I am not going to hear this case. I was, in any case, not going to hear it.” ASD Sharma further beseeched her that there can’t be any better person than her to hear the matter as it is an important question of the Law to which Justice Singh again denied and told that she is referring the same to another single-Judge Bench.Senior Advocate Mukul Rohatgi appearing for Whatsapp agreed on it.

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