Uttarakhand HC advises the state government to finish all Mahakumbh work by February 22,

The Uttarakhand High Court, disappointed with the arrangements for the Haridwar Maha Kumbh, asked the government to complete all the unfinished work by February 22.

Government officials told the court during the hearing on Wednesday that 85 % of the work had been completed. Work on the rest is moving forward in a rapid way.

The court asked the state government to provide the details about the Kumbh Mela sought by the central government so that the SOPs about the Maha Kumbh can be released.

In addition, the court asked DM Haridwar to send by 21 February the details of the beds, ventilators, ICUs, equipment and personnel, etc. available in the Haridwar and Rishikesh hospitals. The court also ordered the Chief Secretary, Haridwar DM, Meladhikari, and the Secretary of Health to appear in court on 22 February at the same time.

Chief Justice R.S. Chauhan and Justice Manoj Kumar Tiwari’s division bench heard the PILs about providing better health care for migrants returning to Uttarakhand’s quarantine centers and Covid hospitals.

The High Court ordered the state government to put in the fair premises so many tents that 50 lakh people would live in them. The court also provided instructions to provide the devotees with food and they should have sufficient corona testing available.

The court also ordered the establishment of monitoring committees for routine monitoring of hospitals under the chairmanship of the District Magistrates and sought suggestions from these committees.

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