Access to Drinking Water is a Fundamental Right: Delhi High Court

A Delhi High Court Bench led by Justice Jayant Nath, while ruling in the case of Delhi Sainik Cooperation Housing Building Society Ltd. vs Union of India & Ors. Ruled that Right to Access Clean Drinking Water is a Fundamental Right under Article 21.

The Bench held that the retired army veterans who were the petitioners in the case, cannot be denied the basic facilities like clean drinking water even if they are residing in an unauthorized colony. Further the Court directed the Delhi Jal Board to take appropriate measures to ensure that the petitioners get clean drinking water.

The Court cited A.P Pollution Control Board II vs. Prof. M.V Nayudu (Retd.) & Ors., where for the first time Right to access of portable drinking water as a fundamental right under Article 21 was recognized. It is the state’s duty to ensure that clean portable drinking water is made available to its citizens and shall take steps or frame schemes to ensure the same.

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