[Tittu Jerome] Prison officials have no right to inflict injuries on prisoners as part of disciplinary action: Kerala High Court

The Kerala High Court today observed that police officers cannot inflict injuries on prisoners during disciplinary proceedings.
The observation was made during the hearing of the habeas corpus petition moved by the parents of Tittu Jerome, a convict in an honour killing case, alleging that he was tortured by prison officials.
After a medical examination revealed wounds and signs indicative of renal injury, Jerome was shifted to the Medical College Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram. The Court also allowed Jerome’s parents to visit him in hospital today for thirty minutes.
During the hearing in the morning, the Court had some strong words for the prison officials and recorded its dissatisfaction with the reports that had been filed.
The Court pointed out that the report did not specify any details about the injuries sustained by Jerome from prison officials, the circumstances leading up to the violence inflicted, and whether it was proper for the jail authorities to take law into their hands and inflict violence on prisoners for wrongdoing.
There were additional allegations in the writ petition averring that Jerome was being kept in an isolated cell and was not allowed to meet his parents.
When court was informed about this, they set up a link for video conferencing with the city commissioner asking why parents weren’t allowed. The Court also emphasized that disciplinary proceedings against the prison officials involved were to continue.

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